The PC software guitarXL wants to support guitar students to develop and learn their instrument in their important initial phase.

This didactic material is developed by professionals and is aimed at guitarists, music schools and guitar teachers.

We hope that this material will be a contribution for education and the future.

Why use guitarXL?

Didactic material

Students learn in this structured course the main elements of guitar playing, can apply and master their instrument. Numerous tips reinforce the learning.

Why use guitarXL?

"Where to start playing guitar? How can I remember it all? What do I need to know to find my guitar style? Why are there so many scales, chords, keys, techniques and what can you do with them?" guitarXL leaves no questions unanswered.

Chord diagrams, TABs, audio files and much more

By visualizing the theory of harmony using chord diagrams (tones, intervals, fingerings), tabs, audio files and many examples, students are able to express thoughts, analyze pieces of music and compose own songs.

Chapters for an easy navigate

guitarXL contains a list box for each area. This makes it easy to find the chapters.

You can access the individual areas from the main menu. You can also access the areas with the buttons on the right. This has the advantage that you can go directly from one area to another area, without going through the main menu.

System requirements

Please pay attention the system requirements:

  • screen resolution 1024x768 or higher
  • 64-bit operating system Linux or Windows
  • 120 MB free disk space

Many examples


Theory of harmony

Chord diagrams

Chord diagrams (tones, intervals, fingerings)


Over 150 TABs

Audio files

Over 200 audio files

Chord progressions

Over 100 chord progressions


Over 1000 illustrations and 700 screen pages